Awards and Media

Hairstylist Of The Year

Frank Fowden has twice been the winner of the South African Hairstylist Of The Year competition, in 2009 and 2014. He has also been a finalist 4 times.




Frank Fowden has won the Global Salon awards no less than 3 times in the world-renowned international competition held in Los Angelas, USA each year.


Global Salon Business Awards

This event must be the top salon business-related event in the world.

Frank Fowden Hairstylists were winners in 2004, 2006 and 2008 in two categories: Entrepreneur and General Management.

The Criteria

Salon Entrepreneur of the Year™ – Single & Multi-Unit

This coveted award recognises the salon owners who have achieved extraordinary success through their managerial innovation and entrepreneurship.

These business owners have developed a unique and innovative culture, team, system and strategy that make them highly successful business leaders. This is demonstrated through exceeding the performance standards in all three areas of judging criteria: Salon Leadership, Client Philosophy and General Management.

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Salon Leadership

This award recognises the entrepreneurial leadership style of the business owner/s and the well-being and satisfaction of their employees. The key considerations include an assessment of their internal systems, such as employee attraction and retention, innovative compensation, benefits programs and employee development, rewards and recognition.

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Client Philosophy/ Marketing & Promotion

This award recognises the philosophy, mission and vision of the salon as it relates to the customer, including an evaluation of the salon’s external management of the business in regards to brand and image, marketing & promotional programs, innovative customer attraction and retention programs, customer service policies, return visit initiatives, loyalty programs and incentives, as well as the active role the salon plays in community-based projects .

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for General Management

This award recognises the entrepreneurial background and philosophy of the owner’s and the unique culture that they have created in the salon environment and in their community. Of particular focus is an evaluation of the owner’s overall management skills including the financial management of the business and the success and accomplishments achieved in regards to sales, profitability and growth.